Kaytlyn Johnson (she/her) is an up-and-coming First Nations artist. Now Naarm based, Kaytlyn blurs the lines between Pop, Indie and Rock whilst keeping intricate lyrics at the forefront. Before having released any music, the Palawa performer has already opened for Aus pop-icon Thelma Plum and has composed and performed with GRAMMY® award winning artist Lucky Oceans. Kaytlyn has been taken under the wing of Kate Miller-Heidke and APRA AMCOS through various mentorship programs and is now ready to cement her own position in the Australian Music scene with her debut single, Sunburn. 

Sunburn will be released on November 29 and takes listeners on a journey through the frustrations of a long distance relationship. She makes the most of her bold attitude in this track with edgy electric guitar riffs paired against intriguing and tongue-in-cheek vocals. It builds in suspension and energy to pack a powerful punch for listeners late in the track, driving home adolescent angst adopted from her pop-rock influences such as Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift and Short Stack.


Kaytlyn opens up on the journey of producing Sunburn;

“I have been so protective of my first release. I wanted these lyrics to tell a story with an attitude, and create fun and cheeky production to carry them."

“From my bedroom with my guitar and my biggest creative supporter, Liberty Lane Fry, to my first demo in Tassie with Nathan Whittle, to the deadly producers up in Canberra, Candice Lorrae and Will Kepa. It really has taken a village to bring my visions to life. The relentless evolution of Sunburn into it’s final product has been exhilarating and empowering”.

In December, and supported by Creative Australia, she will embark on her first tour across her home state to promote her first release. Kaytlyn grew up in North-West Tasmania, in and around the rural town of Wynyard, and has been performing and songwriting within her community since her early lunchbox days. She has always dreamed of creating a discography that she and her community can be proud of, and one that she aspires to perform with intense energies at festivals and large venues. 

This debut release has been a long time coming for Kaytlyn, who has been recognised as the 2022 TAS Young Australian of the Year and 2021 TAS Premier’s Young Achiever of the Year for her work with rural youth from disadvantaged communities. She grew up with limited opportunity and now aims to inspire others to dream beyond expectation and believe in their own ability to realise their potential.

Having manufactured a whirlwind 12 months for herself, she begins the new year in the UK to expand her career internationally, studying Music at the University of Birmingham. She is so grateful for all the people who have supported the creation of her first release and is beyond excited to share Sunburn and future music with you! 

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